We provide safe, warm and comfortable kennelling in our hospitalisation wards.

At Diss we have separate Dog, Cat and Exotic wards.

In the dog ward, we have soft mattresses for our patients to lay on as well as fans in hot weather, hot water bottles and heat snugglies in cold weather and we even play gentle music during the day time to add a comforting atmosphere!

In our cat ward we provide fluffy beds, enrichment toys, background music and pheromone diffusers to provide as stress-free an environment as possible.

A nurse is dedicated to our hospitalised patients each day to give them one-to-one care and attention.

In our exotic ward, the animals are kept separate to the rest of our patients so they do not feel under any threat whilst living in our heat and light-controlled vivariums. Our nurses receive training in management and handling of exotic animals so we can provide up to date care. They have designed and planted a small purpose made tortoise garden, a weed filled paradise for our sick chelonians to encourage them to eat.

We also have isolation facilities for patients with infectious conditions so we can manage their condition as well as preventing spread of disease.

We have some patients that will only spend the day with us as an out-patient but we also have many animals who require overnight hospitalisation for ongoing care and attention.

At our Attleborough clinic we have a single ward but cats and dogs are on separate levels and cannot see each other to minimise stress.

Our Stanton clinic has a brand new ward to care for day patients only so for longer term stays we may ask that you bring them to our Diss clinic.

For advanced procedures, advanced imaging and emergency cases which require continuous 24-hour monitoring, we have a close working relationship with both of the veterinary specialists nearby.