This is a very brief First Aid guide to give you some basic things to do while waiting for the vet to call you back or while on your way to the surgery or waiting for the vet to arrive.

These things apply to all animals.


Remember – a little blood goes a long way and usually looks worse than it is!

Arterial bleeding is generally the most serious and is the type that pulses out with some pressure. Venous bleeding can be quite dramatic too with some wounds.

Apply a clean non fluffy dressing. We can supply you with first aid kits containing the correct types of dressing but if you haven’t got one, don’t worry.

A clean cotton handkerchief or tea towel can be used to cover the wound and apply pressure to help stop the bleeding. For arterial bleeding you will need to press HARD. This dressing can be taped or bandaged in place once the bleeding is under control.

Please don’t use dry cotton wool – it sticks to everything and is very difficult to fully clean from a wound.


Try and keep the animal as still as possible to avoid the fractured bone causing more damage to the surrounding tissues. If it’s safe to do so (remember even the quietest animal may bite when stressed and in pain) try and splint the limb with anything rigid and lots of padding or bandage.