We all know that if you have your pet booked in for an operation it can be a worrying time.

Here at Uplands Way we have a brilliant, well trained and highly caring team of nurses and nursing assistants to help you during this time.

This is an example of how the day will work if you bring your special pet in for an operation:

  • You will be asked to drop your pet off with us at a specific time in the morning.
  • One of our nurses will admit your pet into the clinic. This will include them going through a consent form with you but also talking through any worries or concerns that you may have.
  • During the course of the day your pet will have their procedure done. We try to do most operations in the morning or early afternoon so your pet has plenty of time to recover from the anaesthetic.
  • You will be asked to ring us, usually sometime between 2pm and 4pm so we can tell you how things are going and at what time you can pick your pet up. One of our receptionists will book a time for you to collect your pet.
  • When you come in to collect them you will see the nurse who has looked after your pet during the day and they will go through the after-care with you. Again this is a great opportunity for you to ask any questions or voice any concerns that you may have.
  • We will then make an appointment for you to come back and see the vet or nurse for a post-op check.

This is an example of a straight forward, no complications procedures. While we always strive to make it work like this, there are inevitably times when it doesn’t and for this reason it is vital that you leave us a telephone number so that we can contact you throughout the course of the day if needed.

Your pet and their well-being is always our first priority and if you think they would be happier with their favourite toy or blanket in their kennel then please do not hesitate to bring them in with you. All of our kennels, whether for cat, dog or small furry, will always have plenty of lovely bedding and are in constant use so your animal will never feel alone.

Having an operation is a stressful time but we hope we can make it as nice as possible for you and your pet.