We strongly recommend that all animals, including dogs, cats and horses, have pet insurance. Unfortunately you never know when you might need it! We appreciate that the larger procedures our animals may need can be costly so having pet insurance can be great for peace of mind and knowing that financially your pet will be covered.

Petplan Insurance Company

Petplan insurance company are the UK’s number one insurance provider for pets since 1976 giving them nearly 40 years of experience. Pet insurance is a very important part of being a responsible pet owner as having insurance allows peace of mind if a pet becomes poorly or needs life-long treatment, having insurance also allows an owner to make a clearer decision on their pet’s treatment options without the worry of budgeting for treatment and the costs involved. Figures at the moment state that 33% of pet plan customers claim on their insurance each year and 97% of claims are successful.

The Plans

Petplan offer many different plans dependant on individual pet and owner needs, cover can be taken out for dogs, cats, rabbits and equine.

Petplan’s covered for life policies offer two covers classic and ultimate which both allow the client to renew veterinary fees cover each year no matter how much has already been claimed, which is perfect for pets that have ongoing conditions or reoccurring illnesses providing there are no breaks in the cover.

The Petplan essential plan is an affordable alternative, offering the same reassurance for accident and short term illnesses.

Petplan can provide cover for equines for 12months up to the maximum benefit level selected.

Our Association

At Uplands Way vets we can offer Immediate Veterinary Cover in any of our clinics for kittens, puppies or young rabbits from 6 weeks up to 1 year of age providing they have had a full health with one of our vets. The immediate cover will cover any illness or injury that occurs during the first 4 weeks. If your pet is over 1 year old then we can give you a 4 weeks free voucher which can be redeemed when taking out a full policy with Petplan.

Uplands Way Vets chose Petplan as our recommended insurance company as they provide both us and our clients a fantastic, profession service. They provide us with regular training so we can help to advise clients in the best possible way the most appropriate cover for their pets. Petplan pay out over £3.5 million in claims each week and 90% of those claims are paid within 5 working days. As part of our service we will fill out all insurance forms free of charge, making sure all the appropriate information is sent off. Petplan will pay either us or you directly so all the client needs to do is pay their excess fee.

By recommending Petplan insurance we can ensure our clients will receive great cover and a great service.

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