Consultation periods run at various times throughout the day in all three of our clinics. This time with the vet is for you to discuss the concerns you have about your pet’s health and well- being in a confidential environment.

Our vets are part of the Uplands Way Family, so please feel free to talk openly about any problem you have with your pet as they are extremely approachable and understanding and are there to offer help and advice, backed with a wealth of experience. Don’t forget we all have pets too and worry just as much about our animals as you do!

The consulting rooms are equipped with all the equipment we need to aid examination and diagnosis. Your animals clinical notes are on our secure practice computer network meaning that your animals record are available at any branch you wish to visit at your convenience. This system also generates reminders for the annual health check and booster vaccinations.

Our nurses are always on hand to offer assistance to you and the vet during these times and should your vet require any further tests or facilities they can be admitted there and then for treatment.

If you need any help holding your animal, please let us know, we’re happy to help and want the whole consultation to be as relaxed for you and your pet as possible.