Small Animal

We ask for payment at time for all small animal work at any of our clinics. We can accept cash, cheques, debit and credit cards, including American Express.

Large Animal

If we have done any large animal work for you, including equine, then you will receive an invoice and statement at the end of each calendar month. This bill needs to be settled within 30 days. This can be paid by any of the means mentioned above or by BACS, details of which are found on the invoice

General money issues

If you have been given an estimate for a procedure to be carried out then please be aware that this is a guide price only. The final bill may be more or less.

If your animal is advised to have a procedure which is more costly than you anticipated then please talk to the vet you are seeing and make them aware of the situation. We do not offer payment plans.

We are currently talking to a company who may be able to offer our clients a short term loan when needed. Watch this space for more information..

If your animal is insured and you are claiming for a procedure or condition then please bring an insurance claim form in for us to fill in. We are happy for you to pay the bill and then the insurers to reimburse you, but if this is not possible then you can ask for the insurers to pay us directly.

If you have any questions regarding money issues please talk to Claire Overall at our Diss clinic.