We recommend vaccination for all horses and ponies especially for Tetanus which can be a killer.

Tetanus is a bacterial disease where the bacteria multiply usually in deep wound with no oxygen. The bacteria produce very potent toxins which cause very serious clinical sigs and often result in death in spite of treatment. The bacteria causing Tetanus is found in soil.

Equine Flu is a viral disease spread by droplet infection in much the same way as colds and flu in people. Whilst the disease is not usually fatal in healthy horses it can be debilitating, particularly in competition horses and vaccination against flu is often a requirement for entry to competitions and show grounds.

The vaccination programs are as follows:


  • Two initial injections approximately one month apart followed by a booster injection every third year.

Equine Flu

  • Two initial injections 21 to 92 days apart (six weeks is ideal and easy to remember)
  • A third injection 150 to 215 days after the second (six months in this case)
  • Annual boosters 365 days or less from the last injection.

This means the latest a booster can be given is the same date a year later but don’t get caught out by leap years (366 days!) and please don’t ask us to back date your vaccination if you’ve missed it. We can’t do it and could be suspended from working by our governing body if we did.