Nurse clinics run daily at set intervals throughout the day at our Diss and Attleborough clinics. The nurses are a super friendly bunch who have loads of knowledge so they are able to give you sound advice. So if it is information you require or one of the procedures listed below come along to see them.

Juvenile Clinic

For growing puppies and kittens, we will help you to keep an eye on their weight, advise you on feeding, neutering, behaviour, insurance and any other problems you may find. Getting a new puppy or kitten can be a very exciting time and we want to help you give your pets the best start and provide advice to keep them happy and healthy, not to mention these are great opportunites to socialise and become comfortable with trips to the vets!

Senior weight Clinic

These clinics are designed for cats and dogs from 7 years of age. Our nurses are able to identify early warning signs of problems to which the older pet may be more prone. A short questionnaire is provided prior to your consultation to ensure a full MOT. Some health problems may require a referral to the vet.

Flea and Worm Control Clinic

Our nurses can advise you on all aspects of flea and worm control for your pet and their environment. Environmental control in your home is a big part to getting good control of this problem. Your pet will be weighed so the nurse will be able to supply you the correct product for your pet at the correct dose.

Weight Clinics

If your pet needs to lose a few pounds we are here to help! Our nurses provide advice and support through a controlled and gradual weight loss program for your pet using specially formulated diets and individual advice.

Dental Clinic

Cleaning your pet’s teeth and providing appropriate dental chews/toys can help with the lifelong care of you pet’s teeth and gums.  It will also reduce the costs associated with dentistry under general anaesthesia. The nurses can give advice and show you the most effective ways to look after your pet’s dental health.

6 Month Check on PVA

Clients on our pet health programme get a free consultation so their pet can be weighed, have their teeth checked, go over any dietary concerns and receive their next 6 months of flea and worm treatment. They are also here to address any problems that may have arisen since your last visit.


If your long haired pet is prone to matted fur, weekly sessions allow 10-20 minutes of gentle clipping and grooming with our nurses.

Post-operative Check-up

After any surgery, we like to check your pet, free of charge, after their procedure to check up on their progress post-anaesthetic and to check that any wounds they may have are healing well.


This simple and quick procedure can be performed within a short 10minute consultation. It provides permanent identification for your pet to ensure a speedy reunion should they become lost or injured. It will become law in 2016 for all dogs to be microchipped.

Nutrition Clinic

Our nurses can advise you on all life stages and all aspect of nutrition from new-born to senior pet. Whether this is just providing you with more food for thought or you are considering changing your pet’s diet and would like to make a more informed decision, our nurses are here to support you with this.

Diabetes Clinic

Diabetes mellitus is surprisingly common in cats and dogs. The prospect of injecting your pet with insulin can be very daunting. Our diabetes clinic nurses are available to help you with the care of your diabetic pet and show you how to safely administer the treatment initially and then support you following diagnosis with ongoing monitoring and support.

Rabbit Clinic

Our nurses can advise you on your bunny’s diet, teeth, vaccinations, the sex of your bunny, neutering, fly strike and parasite control.

Arthritis Clinic

Sadly, arthritis comes to many of our pets as the years roll on. As our pet cannot tell us about any discomfort they may be experiencing, our nurses are here to advise you on how best to care for, exercise, feed and medicate your older pet to give them as happy a life as we possibly can going into their twilight years!

Behaviour Clinic

As much as we love our pets they can mis-behave! We have trained nurses who can give you advice on a multitude of problems from naughty puppy traits to separation anxiety in the adult dog.