Vaccination is an essential part of your pet’s routine health care. It can prevent life threatening illnesses, as well as some of the more unpleasant ones. During the vaccination consultation with the vet, your pet will receive a physical exam, be weighed and you’ll have some advice on routine health care. This is also your opportunity to discuss any concerns, big or small, that you may have about your beloved pet. If there’s anything that’s worrying you, no matter how small – please ask.

Here are some of the things we routinely vaccinate against.

Dogs – DHPPiL:
Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza virus, Leptovirus. These are all very serious diseases affecting puppies through to older animals and boosters are given annually.

KC – Kennel Cough:
All reputable kennels will require this prior to your pets stay. It is also a sensible idea if your dog mixes with other dogs, or goes to parks or other places where many other dogs go. Whilst not generally life threatening, this is a very infectious disease!

Cats – RCP/FeLV:
Feline infectious enteritis, Feline herpes virus and Feline calicivirus (major causes of ‘cat flu’), Feline leukaemia virus.

Dogs and Cats Rabies:
As part of the Pet Passport travel scheme this is a requirement for international travel within the E.U.

Rabbits – RHD:
Myxomatosis and viral haemrrhagic disease, vaccination which is given annually.

These receive DHPPiL vaccinations – the same as the dog vaccine.