All our clinics have modern well equipped operating theatres with modern safe gaseous anaesthesia. The chloroform and ether days are long gone! We’ve all had operations carried out on our own animals so we know how hard it is for you to leave your pet with us for surgery and we try very hard to make it as easy for you and your pet as they can. Our nurses are great at comforting worried animals and before you know it your beloved pet will be recovering in one of our comfortable wards.

We are able to carry out the full range of routine procedures together with more specialised “soft tissue” and orthopaedic surgery. We’ve operated on everything from frogs to giraffe and aardvark to zebra plus all the usual pet species so we’re quite happy with anything you can think of.

If you have any specific queries or concerns about surgery please feel free to ask any of us.

Sometimes we may need to speak to you during the operation so please try and make sure we can contact you on the phone number you give us on the consent form.

On the day of your pet’s surgery they will be admitted by one of the nurses who will explain fully what’s going to happen and will help to put your mind at rest. Ask as many questions as you want, we’d much rather you asked than went home worrying.

When you come to collect your pet you will see the nurse again so that she can talk through the aftercare required and make sure you’re both happy when you leave.

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