As owners we want the best for our pets. Keeping a pet at their ideal weight can be tricky and is an increasing problem.

In 2010 33% of UK dogs and 25% of UK cats were classified as obese, this means they are more than 20% over the weight they should be. There are many factors which can contribute to obesity, these include overfeeding, inappropriate diet, insufficient exercise and post neutering where the calorie requirements reduce by up to a third.

Weight clinics are run by our nurses and can be arranged by appointment Monday to Friday. These clinics act as education, support and encouragement for those who want help to keep their pet at a healthy weight. At the first appointment you will be issued with a weight pack containing useful information and a weigh tape. If you buy the specially formulated calorie regulation diet you will be issued with a set of weighing scales. This is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions you have about the diet while the nurse assists you in creating a plan for your pet. After this initial appointment you are invited to bring your pet in by appointment every 2-4 weeks.

By seeing the nurse on a regular basis your pet will become comfortable with the veterinary environment making it a positive experience for both yourself and your pet.