Nurses Clinic


Cuddles and biscuits

If you pet is nervous about seeing us, they can spend some time just in the same room as the nurses, having cuddles and treats. 


Dental checks

Check your pet’s teeth and advise whether they require a clean. We will also teach you how to maintain dental hygiene at home.


Behaviour consultation

We have a qualified behaviourist who can help support you with any behavioural problems your pet might have.


Senior pet healthchecks

For all the golden oldies, we can help ensure they are getting the help they need.

Other services we do

Healthy Weight Clinic 

Nail clips 

Nutritional advice 

Medication administration 

Small rodent checks 

Post op checks and suture/staple removals 

Ear cleaning 

Puppy and kitten advice


Wound Checks 

Parasite control advice 

Emptying anal glands 

Bandage changes 

Insurance advice